EFOOD Campaign

「EFood coin」関連の食産業事業を中心にした仮想通貨「iCE COIN(Inventive Combine EFOOD)」が6月17日に新規上場(ICO)します。無事に仮想通貨国際基準ERC20に申請、通過しましたので、ICOが決定しました。
そこで、現在、「EFood coin」購入数と同数分の「iCE COIN」がもらえるキャンペーンを行なっております。


(Official Smart Concentrat compliant with ERC 20)

iCE Coin can be purchased with Ethereum.

If using a computer, please use the metamask plugin installed in the browser in Google Chrome or Firefox.
You can use Metamask’s virtual currency account wallet.
Explanation of how to use is here

Use wallet for smartphone (Japanese)

Use wallet for PC(Japanese)

Use wallet for smartphone for PC (English)

When purchasing, purchase Ethereum in advance and purchase iCE coin with Ethereum.


iCE coin ico: www.ice-ico.com

Token Name : Inventive Combine EFood

Token Symbol: ICEFD

Token ICEFD Address: 0x0fdF29094Ff2376A6D04052b04eE7F6a4B8A8ceD

Crowdsale Contract Address: 0xDB9c66DE19A2Add6B371D648F009ad8956cf83B2

Total Supply for sale: 2,000,000,000